Career Guidance Unit

The Career Guidance Unit of Saegis Campus (CGU) has been functioning for the last three years and has facilitated a number of students to develop their skills and abilities of self-assessment, information seeking and decision making required for coping with the needs of the present complex world of work while developing life- long learning ambitions.

By, keeping up with the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978, the Institute focuses on providing successful career guidance with up to date information on training & employment opportunities in the local and international training market.

CGU, which is framed on long standing objectives and practical experience, is one of the main Departments in the Institute.

Presently, Saegis Campus has memorandum of understandings with Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd,Sri Lanka Telecom PLC, The Finance Company PLC (TFC) and Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC. The above provides internship opportunities for undergraduates and intends to expand the opportunities by inviting more firms to join the cause.

Our Vision

“Produce well-rounded graduates to become Entrepreneurial Managers and socially responsive Future Leaders.”

Our Mission

“To empower students through career guidance related activities, enabling them to be productive and dynamic leaders of the global society.”