SQA Advanced Diploma in Computer Science

Advanced Diploma in Computer Science

If your goal is to graduate from university, then one very successful route of study is to complete an SQA Advanced Diploma and progress onto a related degree. The SQA Advanced Diploma is a short cycle Higher Education qualification which enables advanced entry into many undergraduate degree programs in universities and higher education institutions across the world.

Worldwide recognition

SQA Advanced Diplomas are widely recognized around the world as being the equivalent to the first two years of undergraduate study.

Advanced Diploma in Computer Science

SQA Advanced Diplomas provide practical skills and theoretical knowledge that meet the needs of employers. SQA Advanced Certificate in Computing covers a wide variety of related skills including: designing and maintaining a website, carrying out technical support, developing small-scale, stand-alone and mobile applications, and demonstrating the recognized “soft skills” required to work in small groups.

Semester 1

  • Computer Systems Fundamentals
  • Mathematics for Computing
  • Professionalism and Ethics in Computing
  • Developing Software:Introduction
  • Computer Networking:Fundamentals
  • Database Design Fundamentals

Semester 2

  • SQL Introduction (HP2E47) 1
  • Software Development: Developing Websites for Multiplatform Use
  • Troubleshooting Computing Problems
  • Team Working in Computing
  • Computing: Graded Unit 1
  • Relational Database Management Systems (HP2J 48) 2

Semester 3

  • Software Development: Object Oriented Programming
  • Managing a Web Server
  • Network Technology and Data Communications
  • Cloud Computing
  • Developing Mobile Web Based Applications: An Introduction

Semester 4

  • Computer Science: Graded Unit 2
  • Project Management for IT
  • E-commerce Publishing Websites
  • Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
  • Preparing to Start a Business

Entry Requirements

  • GCE Advance Level – Passes for 2 subjects in one attempt or
  • Successful completion of Diploma in Management and IT (Pearson Assured) or
  • an equivalent qualification approved by the Saegis Governing Council Academic subcommittee and
    Passes for Mathematics and English Language in G.C.E Ordinary level Examination.

Course Duration

  • Two (2) Years – Full Time / Part Time