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The first Leo club was founded in 1957 by Jim Graver, in Pennsylvania with the with the help of William Ernst, another Lion. The club acronym stands for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. In 1964 the Leo Club Programme became a sponsored programme of the Lions Club International. It grew beyond Pennsylvania and the United States of America. By 1967 the program had grown to over 200 clubs in 18 countries and become an official youth program of Lions Clubs International. In the following year, the Leo Club Program spread rapidly, more than quadrupling in size, to 918 clubs in 48 countries by the end of 1968.

The Leo and Lions movement Sri Lanka are referred to as the Leo Multiple District 306. In 1969 the first ever Leo Club in Sri Lanka was inaugurated at Wattala. The programme became so popular among Lions. By 1978 the Lions Multiple had sufficient Leo Clubs to have sub districts and therefore Leo Multiple 306, Sri Lanka was sub-divided into 306A and 306B. In 1989 Leo District 306C was restructured as sub divisions of 306A and 306B. The redistricting took place again in 2005 where the Leo Multiple 306 was divided into 6 districts namely Leo District 306A1, 306A2, 306B1, 306B2, 306C1 and 306C

The Leo Club of Saegis Campus which is an Omega Leo Club consists of members between 18 and 30 years of age. It was the brain child of the Chairman of Saegis Campus, Mr.Bandara Dissanayake and Advisor, Mr.Wasantha Kumarasiri to inaugurate the Seagis Campus Leo Club in 2017 that has inspired a number of young undergraduates to join the Club.

Saegis Leo Club Inaugural Members