Saegis Campus LEO club CSR Project

Members of the Leo Club of Saegis Campus (306 A2) organized a worthy day- out at Malmaduwa in Ruwanwella.

The crew visited the Makura Primary School and spent quality time with the students. The programme included a sing- a- song session and presentations by students. The main objective of this endeavour was to give the Leo Club members an exposure to a rural setting and to make them understand the plight of their brethren.

All the primary students participated in the programme with much enthusiasm and interest.
A collection of about Seven Hundred books were donated to the school library while gifts were distributed among all the students and teachers by the Leo members during the session. The Principal of the school Mr.Nihal Ratnasiri mentioned that they were very much delighted to see a group of young students from Colombo visiting their school and spending time with the children.
It was mentioned that this school had produced the highest scorer at the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination in 2015, and since then the school has seen a smooth revival increasing the student population in numbers.

The teachers appreciated the initiative of the Leo Club and added that the programme was able to bring in some relaxation to the students. The Principal welcomed the Leo Club to visit the schools once again.

The Leo Club crew comprised of Leo. Viniki Jayasinghe, Osanda Wijekoon, Sithmi Liyanapathirana, Imashi Weliwatte,Kusal Warnajeewa, Teshan Ekanayake ,Oshadi Mudalige, Chandunu Mudamsith,S.Arshad, Umeshika Kavindi,Tashina Devmini,Ursala Amarasekara, Malshi Ratwatnapitiya, Naveen Madushanka, Yohan Dilshan, Uhani Silva, Nirosh Sahan, Samuditha,Ranul, Navindu Perera and the Staff Advisor, Mr.Thomas Benjamin

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